Our Story

Since 2001, Chiang Mai University has been offering its educational services to Samut Sakhon Province through graduate-level courses in the Executive Business Administration Program (Ex-MBA) to meet the needs of the local community. Subsequently, Mother Ngek-Noei and the Sirichai-Ekawat family donated 5 rai 4/10 square wah of land in Mueang District area of Samut Sakhon Province to Chiang Mai University for the purpose of teaching and learning.

On 13 September 2010, Chiang Mai University formally completed the construction of the first 3-storey college building with the opening of Chiang Mai University education centre, Samut Sakhon Province.

On 20 August 2011, the budget was allocated for expanding the physical infrastructure, such as basic laboratories and information technology systems and providing teaching and learning, training activities and academic services.

Later, in 2014, Chiang Mai University had a vision for the sustainable development of the Samut Sakhon Education Centre to be able to operate sustainably. Therefore, Chiang Mai University appointed the “Board of Education Centre, Chiang Mai University, Samut Sakhon Province” with the Vice President of Social Development, Art, Culture and Special Affairs to be the Chairman and project manager for establishing the “Chiang Mai University Education Centre Samut Sakhon”, Samut Sakhon Province. Dr Wicharn Sirichai-Ekawat to be a consultant whose role is to oversee and support various operations and promote and develop the curriculum of Chiang Mai University Education Centre Samut Sakhon Province as per the strategy and development policy of the Chiang Mai University.


Further, for the continuous development of the centre and to increase its ability to operate sustainably, in 2016 the university ordered the appointment of a Committee with the Vice President for Social Development, Art, Culture and Special Affairs as Chairman to study the feasibility of management style College for Maritime Management and Education in Samut Sakhon Province.


The committee has reviewed and consulted together and found that, it was appropriate under the university development strategy and policy to establish the “College of Maritime Studies and Management, Chiang Mai University, Samut Sakhon Province.”


The Chairman of the project, Associate Professor Amnat Yousukh presented the readiness of the establishment of the College to the Chiang Mai University Council, which was accepted by the Chiang Mai University Council on 25 February 2017.


Later, the approval for establishing the College of Marine Studies and Management according to the announcement of Chiang Mai University on the establishment of the Division of Chiang Mai University in 2017, dated on 25 March 2017 was received and announced in the Government Gazette, Volume 134, Special Section 114, dated on 25 April 2017. Then, Chiang Mai University ordered to appoint Assistant Professor Dr Charin Techapun, Assistant to the President for Planning, as an interim Dean of the College of Marine Studies and Management on 3 May 2017.

“ The Institution aims to create economic and social values in and around Samut Sakhon Province ”